Origins of Hinduism and Yoga


Something that the Western societies should understand is that across the East, people never knew what religion was till around 1,500 years before now.

The idea of having a religion only started becoming more popular in the West specifically in the last 600 to around 800 years. Otherwise, they never knew what religion was. However, they only had spiritual processes but lacked religions.

To date, the East does not have any quantifiable religion. This is because, across the East, it is about every person seeking his or her own inner or spiritual well-being. Hence, giving them any tools was in line with the culture and society.


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The term Hindu itself has its roots from the term “Indu”, meaning a culture that blossomed on the banks of “River Indu”. The British pronounced this term as “Indus”. Hence, the culture is now known as “Sindhu” or Hindu. Therefore, Hindi is a geographical and cultural identity, but not an identity of religion.

It is factual that most Hindu practices are done from an inner aspect, an inner process of a human being. Hence, this inner mechanism was linked to the Hindu culture, leading to the identification of yogic practices.

It is now seen as a technology, just like the way the United States invented the first computer and it is now seen as an American innovation or technology. However, it cannot be called a Christian technology merely because the country’s majority citizens are Christians.

In the same way, the majority of people born and bred on a land of “Indus” are Hindu no matter their beliefs or disbeliefs. There exists no single belief that you would call Hinduism. The term “ism” shouldn’t be there.

It is against the nature and way of creation to assume that anything different from what you believe in is against you. The fact is that not everything different from you is really against you. They are just different in nature.

If you don’t understand it that way, then you would be acting in primitive ways. Unfortunately, some human beings tend to behave primitively.

Human beings tend to treat people who are different from them as enemies. They should behave and look like you to be comfortable with them. This needs to end. Technology in today’s world has made all aspects of the outside life to level.

Inner engineering, yoga, can level all aspects of our inner selves and make all human beings appreciate each other as equal, but not as Hindus or Christians or any other religious grouping. Human beings took some identities which are not what the Creator made.

If you really need to understand the outside nature of existence in full, or you need to understand your own nature, then you need to fully agree with the Creator’s work. The first thing you should do is to stop making things that never existed in creation.

Being Christian is personal inventions. It never existed in creation. Thinking I’m Hindu is your invention as it is absent in creation. Somehow, you assume your mind is better than the Creator’s wonderful creations.

This is like a means of enclosing oneself in a cocoon and failing to open up to the possibility of being a creator’s existence. Hence, an inner art or engineering is more of a technology meant for your own prosperity.

It is also like a technology for breaking individual limitations and knowing that your inner self is universal. It should never belong to any divisive identity.

This inner engineering makes it possible for any individual to shift from his or her limited ways of life, to the Creator’s limitless ways.


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