Brahma: The Hindu Lord of Creation


Lord Brahma is known as the Indian lord of creation. He is also part of the Hindu Trimurti (trinity). The other gods in Trimurti in Hinduism are Shiva and Vishnu. Brahma’s companion and wife is known as Saraswati, and is the female god of learning.

Lord Brahma
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Brahma’s Birth from Vishnu’s Naval

The Puranas indicate that Brahma was developed and born from the lotus flower. The lotus blossomed from Vishnu’s navel when the universe was being formed. Hence, one of Brahma’s names, Nabhija (meaning born from a navel), comes from the way he was born.

According to another narrative, Brahma has his origins from the water. A seed was deposited in water, and it later turned into a golden egg. Brahma was then born from a golden egg as Hiranyagarbha or the creator. The remains of the golden egg are believed to have expanded to form the Brahma-anda or the universe.

In other instances, Brahma is commonly known as Kanja for he was born inside water. Lord Brahma is also believed to be a Supreme Being’s son, that is a son to Brahman and a female energy called Maya or Prakriti.


The Noble Hindu Trinity- Lords Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma

Brahma is typically portrayed as having four arms, four heads, and four faces. He continuously recites one Veda using each head. In most instances, he is portrayed with white beard. This indicates an almost eternal attribute of his life.

He is also portrayed as having up to four arms, and none holds a weapon, which is contrary to other Indian Gods. In one hand, Brahma holds a scepter, which has a spoon-like shape, and is linked with pouring holy oil on a pyre for sacrifice. This shows that god Brahma is a god of sacrifices in Hindu.

Another hand holds a pot which is at times believed to be a shell of coconut with water. The importance of water is ether from which the initial creation came from. In his hand, Brahma also has a malas string whose purpose is tracking the world’s time. Brahma is also depicted holding a Vedas. Sometimes he also holds a lotus.

Another story that depicts Brahma’s heads is when he created the world. He created a female goddess, Shatarupa, who has a hundred different beautiful forms. Her beauty infatuated Brahma.

She moves in multiple directions to stay away from Brahma’s gaze. However, Brahma developed an extra head whichever way she went. Hence, Brahma ended up having five heads, with one on both sides and others above the rest.

Shiva slashed off the topmost head to control Brahma. Shiva determined that Brahma shouldn’t be love-struck by Shatarupa. He ordered that an unholy Brahma shouldn’t be worshiped.

Hence, only Shiva and Vishnu continue being worshiped, and Brahma is somehow ignored. Since then, Brahma recites the Vedas to try to repent.



Bhagavata Purana has a story about Brahma of the world being notified by god Krishna to go and meet Brahmas of the other universes, showing instances where Brahma has power over other many universes.

Brahma uses a holy Swan as his vehicle. It is accorded a virtue known as Neera Ksheera Viveka, meaning the ability of separating. This shows that an individual should learn the art of separating the good or right from bad or wrong and accept the valuable while discarding evil.


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